I imagine you want to keep up with 2019 fashion trends.  But do you look at fashion week trend reports and wonder how on earth you can turn the theatrical meringue of outfit strutting down the catwalk into something you could realistically wear on the school run without risk of being sectioned?

Me too.

So I thought I’d give you my take on this season’s hottest fashion trends and how to introduce them into your life without looking like a knob. Find out which ones you should be wearing, which ones you should be sceptical of and which ones only deserve to be laughed at.

So first up on my 2019 fashion trends list:

1. Sunny hues – think oranges, reds, rust, yellows and mustards

But particularly oranges. And yellows. Now being a red head this is music to my ears. But these warm colours look good on lots of people, particularly if you have a tan.

If you are pale and blond try oranges and yellows with a touch of white in them. Red head or warm brown complexion – go for burnt orange, rust brown, tomato red and mustards. Nigella Lawson complexions – go bright with reds and oranges and try both bright and lemony yellows.

So, how do you wear orange?

Well first off, it looks great on it’s own teamed with natural accessories or pieces. Stick on an orange dress, pair it with tan sandals and a cream belt, straw hat and you are ready for summer.

If you want a braver look, try the orange and purple clashing combo – it’s striking.

Plus orange and blue work well together being opposite each other on the colour wheel. Which makes denim a nice easy pairing with orange.

If you’re not convinced about the colour on you, try introducing it further down your body – shoes and belts should do the trick.

2. All things animal (again, yay!)

The fashion world’s love affair with animal print shows no sign of abating (phew!). But is the humble zebra going to steal the hot spot from the leopard?

Who cares!

Personally I think all these prints are timelessly elegant when worn in a demur, out of your face kind of way. But how do you achieve that?

Well, I’m now going to create a thing.

It’s called Jar Factor.

How much does does a particular pattern just jar. I’m not 100% sure what causes one pattern to jar and one not, but I think it’s to do with how many colours there are in it, how far apart the tone of those colours are from one another, and whether there’s actually more than one pattern going on within a pattern.

I’ll give you an example. The reason I think Realisation’s Naomi slip skirt (below left) was so popular last summer is because it’s got a lovely neutral tone to it, only two colours and the pattern is not too busy.

Compare it to the skirt on the right, where the colours are very bright, the pattern is busier and well frankly, it’s just no where near as nice (I’m being very restrained here).

So, look for soft colours within your animal print, or limit the number of colours going on in a piece. Smaller patterns tend to be easier to wear than larger ones. And accessories are always your friend when it comes to animal print – think shoes, scarves, belts and hat trim or hair accessories.

3. Head to toe beige

Now this is an interesting one. Having never worn head to toe beige before I can’t offer any tried and tested techniques, but I have had a good look at some pinterest inspiration and I think I can offer up this advice.

Beige is a broad term that can encompass anything from a pale oatmeal, to a biscuit, to a mushroom to an almost khaki to a nude. I think the key to making this look work is limiting the number of tones you incorporate in an outfit.

Varying shades
Different shades of the same tone (eg light and dark mushroom shades together). Just picture a Dulux colour chart and you're there.
Two tones combined
Select two tones (eg oatmeal and almost khaki) and stick to them without too much shade variation.
A mishmash
Lots of different tones and shades looks busy, which is hardly the point of this look.

The really easy way to wear this 2019 fashion trend is to choose a one piece outfit. Dresses and jumpsuits, or go two piece with a suit. That way you don’t have any “do my beiges work together?” stress.

See – I’m eliminating all your first world problems before they’ve even begun!

And I know head to toe beige implies nothing else, but surely a hint of animal print wouldn’t do anybody any harm? Or at least the softly softly animal prints I recommend above wouldn’t would they?

And just a teensy-weensy bit of contrast somewhere is good isn’t it? To avoid looking like a potato. A shot of black maybe. Or a smattering of tan. Think belts, shoes, jewellery or handbags.

5. Boiler suits

Before I get started (and believe me, I will), let’s just ascertain exactly what a boiler suit is, and how it differs from a jumpsuit.

“A boiler suit is a one-piece garment with full-length sleeves and legs like a jumpsuit, but usually less tight-fitting.” Thank you Wikipedia.

I’m afraid it’s a big fat no from me. Jump suits I’m down with, but a shapeless, baggy version that covers up more skin – no. Being small I just don’t like clothes that drown me. And I’ve had a really good look at what’s on offer and concluded there’s a lot of baggy, unflattering looking boiler suits out there that I just can’t get excited about. I’m sure if I really hunted I’d find something slimline and nipped in at the waist, but I’m just not fussed enough to put in the effort. And then maybe that’s a jumpsuit anyway?!

My advice – stick to jumpsuits as they are way more flattering and give a similar look. And nip them in at the waist with a big belt (see below).

6. Feathers, fringes, bows, ruffles and lace

Ok, yes, I admit I’ve bundled a lot of 2019 fashion trends together here. But to me these all spell femininity in a big way, and they are likely to be paired together.

None of them are that new, so I’m sure you can think of one or two gems to dust off from the wardrobe that will fit the bill.

So let’s address them one at a time.


Ooooh these are everywhere. Lots of the fluffy marabou variety. Think trim on a particular part of clothing – perhaps a feather bib on a blouse, or a trim on the bottom of a trouser leg, a bag, a hat etc. And definitely on shoes. Sooooo pretty. I’m in.

I think these feathered friends are likely to make their way into your evening wear for the most part. But there are a lot of flat feathered sandals coming out too – which would look fantastic with a maxi dress or bermuda shorts.

And honestly, I think there’s a LOT of scope for reviving old strappy sandals and mules with a bit of fabric glue and some fabulous feather trim. You can pick up feathers and trim for just a few pounds, if that, on eBay and Amazon. Go crafting ladies!


Fringes come into their own on anything with swish factor. So look out for this trend on dresses and skirts. Or you might see it in conjunction with the western trend (which is still ongoing incidentally).

Try close fitting dresses with fringes to create volume lower down your body. Oooh or on handbags – remember that amazing fringe handbag Carrie Bradshaw had on the night her boyfriend turned up on his motorbike to give her a lift? Like that, but perhaps smaller.


I think the bigger the better is the way forward here. Think statement. But just the one. Or two if it’s on shoes. To me this is definitely a less is more trend unless you want to look like you’re five again. I personally like clothing where the statement bow is the same fabric (or at least colour) as everything else – more subtle and elegant than a contrast.

But if big is too much for you, then try contrasting colours with smaller bows. A cream lace top with a black collar bow is a modern day classic.

Ruffles and Lace

I’m not sure that lace has really been out of fashion – but it’s still here, as are the victoriana ruffles that sit so comfortably with it. But this isn’t stuffy lace, it’s boho and feminine. Imagine lace trim on a long floaty prairie dress or a polka dot lace blouse. That’s the look you should be going for.

I think the key with all of the above fashion trends is to use as much or as little of any of them to give you the ultimate feel of femininity. Oh and I forgot to mention sequins too – they’re part of all this too. What more could a girl want?

7. Tutti frutti suits

The suit trend has been seeping into the fashion world for a while. Suits are no longer just for the office – they’re pretty much a leisure item now. But the key here is choosing a suit that looks casual. Fun even. Which has just been made much easier by the fashion powers that be delivering upon us a host of pretty coloured suits. Brilliant.

Bright flirty designs are the way to rock this 2019 trend whether you’re going anywhere near an office or not. For summer ankle skimming and cropped trouser legs immediately feel more light hearted.

For a laid back look combine them with a t-shirt instead of a shirt, trainers instead of heels. Or for a smart casual look kitten heels and barely there sandals are your best friend.

I’m sure we’ll start to see lots of shorts suits hitting the market for summer. Another casual iteration of the classic suit. These look great with heels.

If you no longer set foot in an office and you’re struggling to see yourself in a suit, then perhaps look at it as a matching blazer and bottoms combo. Perfect for weddings and nights out if you can’t bring yourself to hit the school run in it.

8. Mixed patterns

On the catwalk the key to this spring summer fashion trend seems to be the more clashing the better. But I’m going to suggest a more measured approach to this. Pattern mixing, when done successfully, makes you look like a real style guru. Why? Well because it’s so easy to get it wrong, it demonstrates a bit of skill to get it right.

Here are some key rules to follow

  1. Stick to a core group of colours. So for instance if one pattern features four colours, pair it with patterns that feature at least one of these colours (ideally more), and don’t introduce many more colours – one more is enough. But you can go for different shades of the same colour so if in doubt stick to two or three colours, but vary the tone of those colours.
  2. Try patterns with two colours and invert the core colour on each pattern eg a cream top with a small black pattern, paired with a black skirt with a cream pattern.
  3. Be mindful of scale – pair a big pattern with a smaller pattern, or put two smaller patterns together. Two large prints together is likely to be too much for the eye to handle.
  4. Create space between the patterns if they’re not the perfect match by wearing them at different ends of your body or separating with a belt.

Polka dots and stripes are easy patterns to pair with something more involved. Just stick to the limited number of colours rule and you’ll look amazing.

Or alternatively buy an item that has two patterns in it and save yourself the hassle!

If in doubt have a look at Self Portrait’s and Kate Spade’s offerings as they are both masters of this trend.

9. Shorts

Bermuda, tailored and cycling. They’re all cool right now.

I’ll come back to cycling in a minute, but for now let’s talk tailored and bermuda.

Definition time again. What exactly is a Bermuda short please wikipedia?

A short trouser, typically finishing one inch above the knee apparently. They are so-named because of their popularity in Bermuda, where they are considered appropriate business attire for men when made of suit-like material and worn with knee-length socks, a dress shirt, tie, and blazer. (Loving the knee-length sock specification – so very British).

I think their rise to fashion fame this year means shorts will be more acceptable as part of a smarter look now than they have been in recent years. So pair them with heels and a blazer for instant sass, or go the whole hog with a suit (see above). For casual wear, it’s probably just a case of getting some longer shorts than you have been wearing the last few summers as hemlines seem to have dropped that crucial 10 inches or so!

Now on to cycling shorts.

I’m secretly hoping these do become more mainstream because I’ve got loads of them (I spin a lot!). But right now I think they’re somewhat the realm of toe curlingly trendy people who hang out at fashion week.

But they can be very flattering on the right legs, so if you’d like to experiment with them I think pairing them with a blazer and heels is a safe move. Or a classic shirt and sandals. Just keep everything else totally normal and then perhaps your cycling shorts won’t scream fashion victim quite so loud!

10. Big belts

I’ve not seen this on any 2019 fashion trends reports, but I’m just seeing them everywhere right now. You can wear them with just about anything that would benefit from being pulled in at the waist.

They look amazing with dresses, a skirt/trouser and top combo, over jumpers and cardigans, and even over coats.

Got any skirts that just don’t flatter that much around the waist area (the dreaded elasticated waist perhaps)? The wide belt is your solution.  See more on this in How to make your waist look skinny as (or even just like you have one!).

Stock up on neutral colours that will team with anything, or go the other way and grab some bright waist cinchers to be the focus point of your outfit. Browns, beiges, creams and blacks are definitely more versatile, but I am hankering after a red one right now.

And an orange one…resist temptation, resist temptation!

11. Neon

Those colours just do not suit me. Do they suit anyone? But I don’t like to outright dismiss a trend that’s so bright and colourful. So I’d suggest adopting this trend in small doses, unless you are the very brave.

Let neon accessories like handbags, jewellery and shoes shine against a more subdued background. I think they work brilliantly when paired with dark colours like navy, black and chocolate brown.

12. Crochet

Also known as the fisherman’s catch clothing. Hmmm – I think this is just too granny for me, but maybe I’ll eat my (crochet) hat come summer. Approach with caution. Or with with a bucket incase you find a tasty sprat for dinner in amongst your fish net!

13. Tie dye

Two words – too studenty.

14. Wetsuits

I don’t think I even need to explain why I won’t be adopting this 2019 fashion trend unless I’m in water. But I will anyway. One word – sweaty.

I even spotted a fishtail wetsuit evening gown.


So, that’s my take on spring summer 2019 fashion trends, what’s yours? Do you agree with me? What will you be trying?

Best get ready because spring looks like it might have sprung this week. Hip hip hooray.

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Women’s Stretch Elasticated Belt
High Waist Wide Stretch BeltElastic Cinch Women
Resin buckle belt
Maison Boinet Woven Cotton And Leather Belt
Monsoon Ophelia Occassion Sling Back Bow Heels
Ted Baker Melnis Suede Courts
Carvela Krisp
Warehouse Button Back Blouse
Vero Moda textured animal satin blouse
Dorothy Perkins Billie & Blossum Petite Orange Blouse
Champagne Zebra Print Satin Wrap Midi Skirt
Mango – Black and white zebra print cotton ‘Leonor’ knee length skirt
Zebra Print Skirt