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This blog is for stylish, creative women who would love to have millions to spend on clothes but don’t. If you adore Ted Baker but inwardly weep at the price, this blog is for you.

My Story

I am also talking about me here. So let me introduce myself, I’m Charlotte. I’m a 43 year old mum of two, fashion addict, running an Interior Design business and married to a Scotsman. If I want my marriage to survive, I have to keep a lid on brand new Ted Baker purchases.

So how do I conduct my quest to look like Olivia Palermo?!

I’ll tell you about that in a minute, but first let me take you back to a time when I was not stylish. At all.

How I got my style mojo back

Around 8 years ago my style mojo walked out the door. (Or was it chased out by a week old baby?)

You know the clothing black hole? Mine was black jeans, t-shirt, grey cardi. Every day. That’s right, I got really DULL. I was working from home, with two under 2s dribbling/vomiting on me every day, and it felt like there was no reason or time to be stylish.

Then a few things really changed my life.

I kissed goodbye to my old job and became an Interior Designer (long story condensed into one line, wow!).

Suddenly it mattered how I looked. The school run went from being a purely logistical exercise, to my best hunting ground for new clients. I needed to look hot.

Then I had my colours done.  (If you don’t know, that’s where an expert tells you which colours you look smokin in).

I realise this makes me sound like Bridget Jones’ mum, but I don’t care. Wow – total revelation. It was BRILLIANT! I now know exactly what colours I look amazing in. And guess what? They all look fab together. Bonus.

Only one incy wincy little problem.

I now had a wardrobe full of black and dark navy clothes that made me look like Dracula.

The Seed for All Fur Coat and No Knickers was sewn

I needed a new wardrobe, fast. Scottish hubby had ribbed me extensively for spending £85 on someone telling me I look good in red (you guessed it…he could have done it for free of course). Explaining to him I needed to spend £1000s on a new wardrobe was not going to go down well.

So that’s when I became a hunter.

Charity shops, eBay, Depop, Vinted, boxes of clothes I’d stuffed in the attic. I hit them all hard.

Bit by bit, I gradually built up a kick ass wardrobe. Filled with colour. And great brands. That’s right – open my wardrobe and you would never know most items are under the £20 mark. Many sub £5. Cashmere jumpers cosy up next to J Brand jeans, Karen Millen dresses drape beside Reiss coats. It’s pretty lovely actually!

And that was all it took.

Suddenly I lived in a world where people complement you on how you look. Daily. Strangers too! How totally awesome is that? And addictive.

I now love getting dressed every day. Hunting down funky new clothes to wear has become a bit of hobby (I’m lying, obsession is the right word – who am I kidding?!).

And I’m constantly hearing my friends exclaim how they wish I’d help them find such bargains.

Ta-da. Here I am! Now marketing myself as a red head budget fashion blogger.  In the hope that they’re not lying through their teeth and secretly thinking “as if, she looks like she swallowed my gran’s wardrobe”.

So here’s a few things I passionately believe in:

What I believe


You don’t have to bankrupt yourself to look good.  You just have to be savvy.


If you look sensational, you feel like a rockstar and you can achieve anything. All my most successful friends dress well.


What you wear is an expression of your personality.  So let it talk. Be unique.  Have no fear.  But have fun.

all fur coat and no knickers

Buying every latest fashion fad, regardless of whether it suits you, is bad news. There are much better ways to build your wardrobe.


It’s way better to have a high quality item that has been preloved than a new “throw away” piece of cheap high street tat


Saving the planet feels even better when it’s making you look a million dollars!

Why read my blog?

I hope you are nodding your head in agreement. Actually I’m just elated you are still with me. It’s a good sign. So here’s what I’m going to do for you.

If you, like me, want to look sensational, but have a sensible rather than sensational budget, then I can help by giving you:

Outfit porn

Complete with the thought process behind my pairings, the brands I’m wearing, where I got them and how much I paid.

Hot styling tips

Cool ideas for elevating your outfits and making you stand out from the crowd.

Current trends low down

What they are, how to wear them without looking like a fashion freak and how to find them for less than “I need to sell a kidney” prices.

Up-cycles that rock

I’m not talking cringe worthy crafting ideas – I’m talking about creating something Kate Moss will want to steal from you. From an item that cost you less than a fiver.

Dos and don’ts of how to dress for your body

How to hack several inches off your waist, extend your legs like a giraffe and exterminate bingo wings, all through the power of cloth. Sounds almost biblical! Hallelujah.

Insider shopping know how

Whether it be sales, charity shops, eBay, Depop or Vinted, I will share the tricks and knowledge I’ve gained from my devotion to finding the best second hand clothes.

Never miss a post

Sound good? Then why not sign up to my newsletter? I’ll send you a quick email every time I post and probably some other fun stuff too. Nothing naff, annoying or salesy I promise.

I’m absolutely dying for feedback and I’d love any ideas for how I can help you.  So, if you’d like to discuss anything drop me a line


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